About Velo World

Velo World is a cycling events company that offer coaching services for cyclists across all disciplines and fitness levels. Our clients include athletes form the schools’ mountain bike series, people who have entered their first multi day stage race, people who want to improve their fitness to race for provincial or club podiums, people who are new to cycling, road bike racers, mountain bikers, and more. Every cyclist can benefit from the coaching services Velo World offers!

These coaching services include individual assessments, personalised training programs, and training camps. Founder Marcel van der Poll is a UCI Level 2 accredited mountain bike coach and veteran of many cycling events, including a Cape Epic top 100 finish. Our clear objective is to make coaching accessible and affordable to more cyclists. A well-structured training plan, based on a proper assessment, and adjusted according to the athlete’s feedback, not only costs far less than you think, but it will actually save you time and money too!

Training programs are nowadays available from magazines, books, the internet, cell phone applications, and more. Advice from fellow cyclists are even more popular. But very few, if any, of this advice or programs are simple enough, yet effective enough for each individual and their specific needs. Cyclists are bombarded with information overload. A good training program is designed with your specific needs and goals in mind, and is developed as you improve, or as your situation changes. Our programs are aimed at cyclists of all fitness levels and across all disciplines, who want a training program that offers measurable results. Therefore we call it coaching. Instead of sending you a training program, we work with you, and together we implement a program that aim to bring you the best results in an effective, simple and affordable package.

Our training camps aim to offer participants applicable feedback in their preparation for an upcoming event. Training camps are structured to replicate the profile and distance of a specific type event, whether it be your first multi day event, ultra-distance, or stepping up from half marathons to full marathon distance. The training camps are fully supported with back up vehicle, water points and proper route marking. Feedback sessions at the end of each day aims to give participants feedback in terms of their form, fitness and training needed.

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