Training Camps

What is a training camp?


A training camp is a training event, usually held over a couple of days, depending on the objective of the camp. The group of like-minded cyclists have a common goals, which is to, by training on a simulated event or course, can gauge their form and get applicable, usable feedback about their condition. Velo World training camps are structured to replicate your upcoming event. We organize training camps for multi day stage races (such as Cape Epic and Sani 2 C), ultra-distances (Trans Baviaans and 36One), or if you want to start racing at a higher level. The objective of our training camps are to give you quality feedback that you can go back and apply in your training and preparation.


Who should attend a Velo World Training camp?


Have you entered for your first Epic, Sani, Baviaans, or do you want to step up from half marathons to full marathons? You have a training program, but you do not know how ready you are?


Our training camps are designed not only for the serious competitor, but also for someone who wants to enjoy their big event, but are not sure how their training is progressing. Velo World training camps are designed to replicate what you are training for, and we give you feedback you can apply. In the process you save time and you can focus on being fit enough to enjoy your event.


We organize training camps for schools, teams, private individuals, “Buffaloes”, ladies, and basically anybody who wants to get valuable feedback from a well-organized, enjoyable weekend on the bike. These training camps are organized anywhere in South Africa.

Why attend a Velo World training camp?


Apart from the valuable feedback you get from a Velo world training camp, we also look after all the other details for you. Our training camps aim to make it as easy and comfortable for you. We arrange accommodation, food, properly marked routes with water points and a back-up vehicle. After each session we facilitate a feedback session whereby you can compare your day’s ride with a comparable day of a similar event. On some occasions we have a quest who specializes in a particular field such as strength and conditioning, diet or just someone who can share some useful experiences. 

We also look after your family! Yes, that’s correct. We understand that your family is probably already making lots of sacrifices for you with regards to your cycling training. We need their support, but we need to give them something back sometimes. So, when you are away on your bicycle, your loved ones need not sit around bored to death. We arrange events for the family while you are working on your form. We can arrange forest walks, canopy tours, wine tasting, champagne breakfasts, and many more.


We want you to leave our training camps, not only equipped with valuable feedback for your training, but also revived after a weekend away with your family who also enjoyed a great weekend.