Events Management


Velo World not only specializes in training camps, but we also organize events of all sorts.


Bicycle races, corporate events, schools events, workshops and private weekend breakaways for couples are but some of the events we organize. Successful cycling events require a structured, professional approach that take into account not only the needs of the competitors, but also have a long term view so that the interests of all stakeholders are taken care of. We aim to organize events that are sustainable and adding value to the local population. Not only do we aim to provide the sponsors with positive brand awareness and interaction with the competitors and spectators, but we also engage in the responsible running of the events. Rubbish removal, and cleaning of the trails afterwards are priorities to us. We work with the landowners to establish ways in which their interests are addressed, and to secure their buy in for future events. We endeavour to support local businesses and to empower locals in skills such as trail building and route marking.


Watch this space for upcoming events, or contact us for more information.

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