My 13 year old daughter, Jani had a very good MTB XCO season in 2015 as a Sprog Girl (12). She came first in all her races. After her first race in 2016 as a Sub-Junior girl (13) she came second losing some of her confidence. We realised that it will take more than talent to win MTB XCO races, it will take hard work, determination and PROPER coaching to become the best!

We contacted Marcel van der Poll founder of Veloworld  and  UCI accredited  coach  who set up a meeting with me and Jani. Marcel immediately addressed Jani’s weaknesses both on and off the track and helped her with proper goal setting, something very few coaches do.

Marcel taught her strategic tactics, how to eat and most importantly recovery!  He has assisted with increasing Jani’s endurance, bike handling skills and sprinting ability. Marcel rebuilt Jani’s confidence along with his training program, which helped her finally win races again.

Marcel has always made himself available to answer questions about diet, training techniques, equipment or racing strategy with a unique perspective gained from competing himself. The training itself was always fun, challenging, structured and non judgmental which allowed Jani to progress at her own pace, which is very important at her age.

 The results speak for themselves, even with Jani’s time constrained schedule being a Grade 7 with a full schedule at school; she has become leaner, fitter and faster. She achieved her goal and finished second overall among the Limpopo Sub-Junior girls in a very short period of time.

Marcel, a passionate cycling leader, he is a hands on coach who will go the extra mile to make you a better fitter athlete.

 - Madrea Jordaan, mother of Jani Jordaan

“I joined coach Marcel and I can attest that it’s been the best experience of my life. I have always loved riding my bike but with the friendly guidance and encouraging way coach Marcel trained me, I now love riding my bike even faster  and better with more confidence”– Jani Jordaan (13)

"Marcel has been coaching my 17 year old son, David this year. He is doing Cambridge AS levels and is a Type 1 diabetic. Marcel has taken David from the level he was, and has patiently and persistently helped him improve his fitness and cycling. We have seen a huge improvement over the year. Marcel wisely considers the child a a whole and works with him and us as his parents. Marcel has taken a keen interest in David's chronic illness. He is also a positive motivator, not only for cycling, but for all areas of life"

  - Cathy Surmon, mother of David Surmon (17 years old), provincial half marathon mountain bike competitor